Grounds & Affiliation Fees

DAILY GROUNDS FEES (not including accommodations)


Introductory* promotion for couples/families only
1st through 4th visit



Full time student (proof required)








If your children are under the age of 18, you may bring them at no additional charge.

*Introductory rate is valid for your each of your first 4 visits. It is for couples and families only. On your first visit, you must take a tour with our Membership Committee. You will be given a prospective affiliation card to be signed by a Membership Committee member during each visit of your four introductory visits.

To receive the AANR/TNA/YNA discount, a valid card must be presented. To receive the couple rate, both names must appear on the same card. To receive a student discount a valid student ID must be presented.

Upon receiving four Membership Committee signatures on your prospective card, you may apply for Solair affiliation.  We offer three different levels – AANR affiliate, associate, or member.  Ask a Membership Committee representative to explain them to you, or ask at the office.

ANNUAL AFFILIATION FEES (not including accommodations)

  Single Couple
AANR $55.00





Student Associate


Associate Site Occupant


First time Associate after July 15



First time Associate after October 1






Associate and Member prices include AANR membership.

MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards are accepted.

New members/shareholders are prorated by total cost of all fees on a month to month basis. Some of the fees are not listed above. Please inquire in the Office with any questions you may have.

Solair has a no-refunds policy for grounds and affiliation fees.