Ground Rules

Revised September 2011

Welcome to Solair Recreation League (SRL), a family nudist resort operated and maintained by Laurel Ridge, Inc. (LRI).  We are proud of our club and proud of our family status.  Our children are our most prized assets, and we expect everyone’s behavior to be appropriate for this family-friendly facility.


1.    Visitors, guests and AANR affiliates must register and pay applicable fees upon entering the grounds.

2.    Minors, not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, are allowed only with written parental or legal guardian permission, using SRL/LRI Release Form.  A board member or the camp manager may refuse any minor not accompanied by their parents.  See also Section 6 - Guests and Visitors.



2.1     Specific guidelines for first-time visitors to Solair are provided at the time of registration. 

2.2    No clothing or bathing suits shall be worn in the showers, sauna, hot tub, lake or pool.  Also, bathing suits are not permitted on the beach or poolside.

2.3    Visible genital jewelry is unacceptable.

2.4    All affiliates, guests and visitors are expected to be nude at the appropriate times.

2.5    Each person is responsible for maintaining camp cleanliness on the beach or in public buildings or areas.  Campsites are the responsibility of the camper for cleanliness and for disposal of garbage (in plastic bags and tied before being deposited in the dumpster outside the camp gate).

2.6    No person shall trespass upon the sites of others.

2.7    All affiliates, guests and visitors shall observe camp quiet hours from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m.  Camp-sponsored social functions are exceptions.

2.8    Towels or clothing must be used for sitting at all times.

2.9    No bicycles, skates or skateboards are allowed on the beach, shuffleboard court, tennis courts or under the pavilion. All persons under. the age of fourteen must wear a helmet when using/riding a bicycle, skateboard, or in-line skates

2.10    No children under 15 years of age are allowed at adult dances after 9:30 p.m.

2.11    Minor children may not remain in camp unaccompanied by their parent or legal guardian without the parent or legal guardian formally designating a responsible adult, using the SRL/LRI Release Form.

2.12    Blowing an automobile horn three times is our emergency signal.


2.13    There is no lifeguard on duty.  Please use the buddy system in the pool and in the pond.

2.14    Infants and children who are not potty trained must wear rubber panties when swimming.  Rubber panties are for sale in the Solair Office.

2.15    Prior to entering the pool, everyone must take a soap shower.

2.16    Anyone with a communicable disease may not use the pool.

2.17    No eating, smoking, glass containers or alcoholic beverages are allowed within the fenced area of the pool.

2.18    Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a parent or designated adult while on the beach or within the fenced pool area.

2.19    Children under age 13 must be supervised by a parent or designated adult while swimming in the pool or pond, using boats, canoes or inflatable rafts.

2.20    No jumping or diving into the pool is allowed.

2.21    No running or horseplay is allowed within the fenced pool area.
Floats and rafts are not to be used in the pool on weekends and holidays.

2.23    In case of emergency, a life ring, life hook and life torpedo buoy are on the large pine tree closest to the beach and on the fence surrounding the pool.

2.24    A flotation device must be on board for each occupant of boats.  Children under age 13 must wear lifejacket in boats.

2.25    Please use headphones when listening to radios and personal music devices on the beach and at the pool.


2.26    Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the hot tub or sauna unless accompanied by an adult.

2.27    When using the hot tub, you should not do so alone or when drinking alcohol.  Limit your stay to 15 minutes or less.  Prior to entering the hot tub, everyone must a soap shower.


3.1    Moderate social drinking will be permitted by persons of legal drinking age in the State of Connecticut.  Drinking is not permitted on camp roads.  Alcohol is permitted on the beach and in the Game Room after 4 p.m.  Alcohol is not permitted within the fenced pool area.

Laurel Ridge, Inc. does not as a matter of corporate policy make alcoholic beverages available to its members.  As an adult community, it understands that its members may, in fact, imbibe in alcoholic beverages from time to time, and the policy of Laurel Ridge, Inc. is to discourage irresponsible drinking and to maintain that such irresponsible drinking is a matter of individual responsibility.

3.2    No one is permitted on any LRI property using, carrying, or under the influence of illegal drugs.  The possession or sales of illegal drugs on LRI property will result in immediate termination of affiliation and possible prosecution under the law.

3.3    There is a strict smoking policy and smoking is allowed only in designated areas throughout camp. All smoking areas are clearly marked and only camp-supplied cigarette disposal receptacles are to be used. 
Smoking is allowed on member sites, and while in personal vehicles, however appropriate receptacles must be used.  Smoking is permitted on the upper canteen deck only during evening functions in the community center.   There is also a 10 feet no smoking zone around the pavilion, and all other camp operated structures.
Smoking is also prohibited on camp wooded trails.


4.1    Dogs are to be kept on a leash, or penned or leashed at a site at all times.

4.2    Owners are responsible for immediate cleanup after their pets.

4.3    No pets are allowed on the beach, fenced pool area, or recreation areas at any time.

4.4    No pet should create a public nuisance.

4.5    No pets are allowed in rental units.


5.1    In accordance with the photographic policy adopted by the Board, permission to use any camera in a public place must be obtained from a Director who shall remain with the photographer.