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The Members section is restricted to registered members only.  If you are a Solair Member or Associate and would like to register, please use the email address known to the office for approval.  To create a new account, use the "Create an account" link on the bottom left of this page.

Please read carefully: Do not use your full name on the registration page. Please use either your first name plus last initial (JohnD) or both of your names if you are a couple (JohnSue) for your name. This name will be displayed on the forums if you post and you will log in with either your chosen username or email address, which will remain hidden. If you do not want to use your usual email address, simply create a free web email account (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) and let the office know what email address you will be using.

After you verify your email address your account will be activated by the office within 48 hours. Please be patient!  If you do not see any emails from Solair in your Inbox please check your spam folder. If you do not get a response within 2 days please contact the office.

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